Turn your health around in 12 weeks (without diets or fads)

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12 week planner

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Planner works with fitness trackers and food logging apps - fitbit and myfitness pal

Works alongside food logging apps & fitness trackers

The 12 week Planner works along side apps like MyFitnessPal and fitness trackers like Fitbit. Take the data collected by these apps and use the planner to analyse, reflect and plan for success. 


For the next 12 weeks, you will be set a new health challenge. By having a new focus each week, you'll feel excited instead of feeling overwhelmed and you'll form sustainable habits to set you up for a brilliant lifestyle. 

back cover of 12 week planner
12 Week Health, Fitness & Wellness Planner

Reflect & Record

In addition to assessing your nutrition and having space to log your fitness, you can record sleep, water intake, self care, medication, alcohol consumption and daily reflections. Each week you're prompted to 'weigh-in' both physically and psychologically and there's space to record your measurements and other vital stats before, during and after the 12 weeks.


Stefanie Grace



"The beauty of [The 12 Week Planner] is that it incorporates your daily tracking apps, so you can be on the go all day with your phone and then just take five minutes each evening to reflect on your day, your goals and your progress. There’s even a space for some mindful thoughts, making it more than a just a paper food and fitness journal – it’s a holistic health and wellness planner that allows you to look at the data that you have collated on your iPhone throughout the day and actually match it to your overall goals and plans."

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Keeley Phatcupcake



"There is a page for each day which you can complete with the help of your tracking apps. You don’t need to repeat yourself, it is more about reflecting – did you eat enough fibre today? Did you workout? I love the mind section as well which asks simple things to make you think positive about your day rather than dwell on negatives, which I tend to do." 

"The weekly challenges are my favourite bit of the planner as they take the reflection and give it a push to do that little bit more and to think about it the following week. I used the planner very much like a bullet journal giving myself 15 minutes at the end of each day to update it and think about how the day had panned out."

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Natalie Floral Republic



"It allows you to combine the accuracy of smartphone apps with the space to reflect on what you've done throughout the day.

There is space to plan your meals and exercise for the week ahead and record your personal bests and small victories. My favourite part is the daily wellness section which asks if you took time to relax that day and what made you smile - which is very important for a healthy lifestyle!"

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Elle KeepItSimpELLE



"One of my favourite aspects of the planner was the weekly workout plan.[...]

The planner was super useful for tracking all my goals and helped me massively to get back on track with everything to start the New Year."

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Becca From Strength to Strength



"The planer would make a great partner to a 12 week fitness programme or for anyone who is taking their first steps into health and fitness and who wants a bit of guidance."

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Ellen Tale of Two Runs



"It is designed to work along with food & exercise tracking apps to save the user valuable time but also help reflecting  and increase mindfulness – i know I am TOTALLY using it to get back on track with my food after eating my face off before my marathon!"

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Susan Your Food For Life



"At first sight the 12 Week Planner resembles a combined fitness log and food diary; rather like those handed out during the first weight watching of slimming club session. Except Karen’s book is devoid of propriety recipe suggestions. All the data, such as calorie intake and cardio machine readout are provided by the apps and entered in what builds, during each week, into a motivational map. And, at the end of each week, there is an assessment of progress followed by a challenge for the next seven days. A thread of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) runs through the book; replacing the peer pressure absent within a DIY diet program." 

"Karen’s claim that you can’t beat ‘good old pen and paper’ is probably correct if people are going solo on lifestyle improvement. The book provides a tangible record of the time and effort invested in a fitness and exercise app and hooks the user into the app itself." 

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